“Best Real Estate Seminars” and “Top Real Estate Gurus” web site endorsements of Marco Kozlowski

It is always interesting to attempt to verify the claims of Marco Kozlowski. Like the fake information in the print  advertisements, the claims on web sites are also dubious.

See for example “Best Real Estate Seminars” : http://bestrealestateseminars.com

A related web site is “Top Real Estate Gurus” : http://www.toprealestategurus.com/ , it has the same testimonials but no photos.

Both domains were registered on Sept. 10, 2015 by

Registrant Name: Will Vigil
Registrant Organization: Princeton Law Firm
Registrant Street: Salt Lake City, Utah
Registrant City: Salt Lake City
Registrant State/Province: UT
Registrant Postal Code: 84095
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8014035800
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Email: will@princetonlawfirm.com

The “Princeton Law Firm” (“PLF”) does not seem to actually be a law firm in the usual sense of the phrase. The Utah Bar site has no listing for either “Princeton Law Firm”  ( https://princetonlawfirm.com/wp/ ) or Mike Vigil. [Update 23 October 2015 : a representative of the Utah State Bar just called and confirmed that they have no record of Mike Vigil or any other lawyer at an entity called “The Princeton Law Firm”.]

(On the PLF site it states: “Princeton Law Firm provides legal services to consumers who wish to empower themselves by establishing a more powerful and healthy credit profile. Since 1997 our directing attorney has assisted thousands of people in doing just that. Isn’t it time you get your good credit back?”  OK – So who is the “directing attorney”?) PLF is in the “credit repair business.”  Marco: does the “mystery multi-millionaire” need credit repair? 

There are 3 “revolving” testimonials on the web page

The photo in the testimonial of “James Morrison” of “Century 21 Advantage Gold” (
http://bestrealestateseminars.com/images/testimonials/1.jpg )

is actually of Matt Jones of http://matthewdjones.com/about-matt-jones. Mr. Jones has confirmed that the photo is of him and he is not James Morrison.

The photo of “Jenn Clyde” of “Realty Pros Atlanta” ( http://bestrealestateseminars.com/images/testimonials/3.jpg )

is from http://www.dallasheadshots.com/Dallas-Headshots-August-2011.htm

Here is the photo: http://www.dallasheadshots.com/2011%20Recent%20Headshots/dallas-professional-women’s-headshots-82011.jpg

Dallas Head Shots has confirmed that the photo is one they took, and that the person in the image is not “Jenn Clyde”

The photo of “Collis Reed” of “True Property Mgnt.” ( http://bestrealestateseminars.com/images/testimonials/2.jpg )

is actually Rohinton Morris, MD.

see http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/news/News_Releases/feb07/temporary-total-artificial-heart-kit.html


Given that the names used in the testimonials are fake, the glowing endorsements of Marco are not believable.

Marco: Please confirm that the testimonials are real.

The speaker photo is a stock photo, used, for example on http://michaelhyatt.com/public-speaking-psychology.html – http://michaelhyatt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/psychology-speaking-760×506.jpg
( The Hyatt site credits the photo to ©iStockphoto.com/starfotograf )

The webinar graphic – http://bestrealestateseminars.com/images/events/thumbs/1.jpg is used on many sites.

The photo at the top of the page is http://bestrealestateseminars.com/images/events/parallax/home.jpg and seems to be a
photo of Marco on a stage – the photo is not used elsewhere and is likely a photo actually related to Marco Kozlowski.

The “Contact” addesses in both sites seem to be non-existent.
http://www.toprealestategurus.com/ : The address shown on the pages of Suite 180. 795 Decatur Ave, San Francisco, CA 94107 does not seem to exist.

http://bestrealestateseminars.com/# The address of 79534 South Point dr. (sic) Henderson, NV 89012 does not seem to exist.

“Best Real Estate Seminars” and “Top Real Estate Gurus” web site endorsements of Marco Kozlowski

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