How the seminars are promoted

Typically full page advertisements appear in such publication as the MetroNews (in city editions such as Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa), in 24 Hours, the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star. A typical ad is shown on the home page of this site.

The ads promote free 2 hour presentations in hotel meeting rooms.

Here are examples from recent Montreal newspapers:

(In English)
Montreal Gazette 24 Sept 2015
Montreal Gazette 25 Sept 2015
Montreal Gazette 26 Sept 2015

(In French)
24 Heures Montreal 23 Sept 2015
24 Heures Montreal 25 Sept 2015
24 Heures Montreal 29 Sept 2015

Metronews Montreal 18 Sept 2015
Metronews Montreal 21 Sept 2015
Metronews Montreal 23 Sept 2015
Metronews Montreal 28 Sept 2015

How the seminars are promoted

What this site is for….

This site is for posting information in regard to the seminars promoted by Marco Kozlowski and “At Will Education, LLC”

This story that appeared in the Vancouver Province in July 2015 will be a good place to start:  Note as of Dec. 12, 2015 the  link below to the Province story is broken, apparently due to standard Postmedia removal of stories after a time.   Click here for a copy of the article as it appeared online on July 30, 2015 (used with permission.) The story in the print edition of The Province appeared July 31, 2015 on page 20.

This August 2015 story by Romana King on Money Sense discusses the Province story and has excellent advice:

See this page for the postings by “furiousvictimofkozlowskiscam”

What this site is for….