Kozlowski seminars in Montreal Dec. 2, 3, 4, & 5, 2015

The Marco Kozlowski / At Will Events “Real Estate Prosperity” events  are back in the Montreal, Quebec area this coming week – December 2-5, 2015. The print ads use the “Turnkey Trainings” brand, with no mention of Kozlowski or At Will Events. Given the recent stories, this is not surprising.

The web site is http://realestateprosperitylive.com/montdec/ . It is shown in the MetroNews and 24 Hours advertisements as “www.votrepropriétémillions.com” (use the accents) . This domain leads as well to “http://www.xn--votrepropritmillions-l2bb.com/

For example, find the MetroNews ad on page 33 of http://reader.metronews.ca/digital_launch.aspx?id=5aa10030-5d60-4a7d-942c-16669acfd4c2 . For an example 24 Hours ad see page 9 of  http://virtuel.24hmontreal.canoe.ca/doc/24hrsmontreal/24heuresmontreal11272015/2015112601/#8

The Diana Dicorato and Steeve Raymond testimonials are gone, replaced by new student videos. The only visible name is “Raj Baluja” of Mississauga, Ontario in the 3rd video. He is associated with this company :  VRD ONE INVESTMENTS FLORIDA CORP. The “incorporator” on June 17, 2015 of that company was ROBERT J. BLUHM, a Dallas Texas lawyer associated with and promoted by Marco Kozlowski’s organization.

The free seminars will be at the Sheraton Laval on Dec. 2, the Sandman Hotel Montreal-Longueuil on Dec. 3, the Courtyard Montreal Downtown on Dec. 4, and at the Montreal Airport Marriott Hotel on Dec. 5. The offered 3 day course is not free, and what is not mentioned is the pressure on the 3rd day of that course for students to sign up for programs that cost up to $100,000. 

Anyone thinking of attending will want to read the CBC news stories on Marco Kozlowski and the comments added by readers to those stories.



Kozlowski seminars in Montreal Dec. 2, 3, 4, & 5, 2015


November 25, 2015

CBC News now has a second story on Marco Kozlowski and his “At Will Events” real estate investing seminars.

The headline is “Marco Kozlowski’s promise of 100% financing not kept, former students say”, and “Kozlowski says financing no longer offered, claims program so successful, funding reserves depleted”

Here is the link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/marco-kozlowski-s-promise-of-100-financing-not-kept-former-students-say-1.3335818

The promise of no credit check funding for purchases in the U.S.A. has been a central feature of the dozens of the free seminars given across Canada. The “Mystery-multimillionaire” has, apparently, run out of money.

From the story:

“He said his program has been so successful that “our funding reserves were depleted more quickly than anyone expected,” and wrote: “For a short time a limited number of students were unable to access in-house funding to help complete their real estate transactions.”

Details on the “fund” or the transactions are not disclosed. How many deals? Where? When? To whom? By whom?

There is a pattern here. When questions are raised about some aspect of the program, the response is a “whoops” or excuse.

So let’s go back to the beginning then. Was Marco ever a classical pianist  that “toured across Canada after winning a few music competitions.” Did his first wife win a Juno award? Did they run “a chain of successful music schools throughout our 20’s“?

And what about the “…wide variety of successful companies. From holistic centers and Cancer research facilities, to private business consulting, to recording companies – Marco’s methodology has proven results.


Marco Kozlowski goes to London England Dec. 2015

After events in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona in late November, it looks like the next stop is in London, England for presentations Dec. 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2015.

The events will be held at the London Olympia Hotel (Dec. 2) , the Park Plaza Victoria London (Dec. 3), the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel London (Dec. 4) , Marriott Hotel Marble Arch (Dec. 5), London Heathrow Hotel (Dec. 6)

see http://buildwealthwithrealestate.com/marcoa

Anyone planning to attend may want to follow the news stories on CBC.

Curiously, though the page above is “COPYRIGHT © 2015 AT WILL EVENTS”, the registration form (if you click on a selected date and time) pops up a form that says “Copyright 2015 – The Raymond Aaron Group”

This text appears on the registration page:

“Complete The Form Below To Register For The “Real Estate Prosperity” London Event!

This is a FREE 3-Hour Training On How To Make A Fortune In Today’s Real Estate Market!

Right now, citizens in London are making big money buying real estate in the United Kingdom and the United States for pennies on the dollar — without using their own money! This workshop shares how!”

As always, anyone attending will want to ask pointed questions about these claims. Ask for names, dates, addresses, etc. Who is lending the money?  What is the connection between Marco Kozlowski and the Raymond Aaron Group? What is the name of the presenter and what is his story?



Marco Kozlowski goes to London England Dec. 2015

CBC News story Kozlowski seminars

CBC News has just published ( Nov. 24, 2015) a story and video in regard to the Marco Kozlowski “At Will Events” “Get Rich in U.S. Real Estate” seminars.

See: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/marco-kozlowski-investor-seminars-testimonials-1.3325211

Anyone with “my dealings with Marco Kozlowski” stories – good or bad – may want to email the CBC. The email to use is investigate@cbc.ca  (The reporter is Natalie Clancy)

The article starts with the following text:

“Marco Kozlowski’s free real estate seminars promise big profits using testimonials from past participants, some of which were filmed before any money was actually made. 

Promotional testimonials from clients praising his methods are a key part of his marketing campaign, but CBC News has learned that at least four of the people featured in the testimonials have requested they no longer be used because they’re not accurate. “




CBC News story Kozlowski seminars

Marco Kozlowski’s seminar back in Vancouver presented by (Jason) Lance Robinson November 2015

After recent presentations in Amsterdam, London, England, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary, the “Get Rich in US Real Estate” seminars marketed under the “At Will Events” brand (www.willevents.com , http://www.atwillevents.com ) by Marco Kozlowski have returned to the Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Richmond in the lower mainland area of British Columbia. Canada. The sessions will be at noon and 6 on Monday, Nov. 9 at the Metrotown Hilton, on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at the Century Plaza Hotel in Vancouver, on the 11th at the Holiday Inn (Cloverdale) in Surrey, and on the 12th at the Hilton Vancouver Airport in Richmond.  Apparently a free iPad will be “won at every session”.

The online marketing for these events through Facebook pointed to the site http://realestateprosperitylive.com/vannov/.  The web link on the Facebook page is now (Nov. 9) to http://uspropertyworkshop.com/, a link that only goes to a “parked” page at GoDaddy for this domain that is owned by Marco Kozlowski.

TurnKey Trainings seems to be a new “Brand” for Kozlowski. This page has the usual information and testimonials, but uses the Turnkey brand: http://realestateprosperitylive.com/tkey/ . Why the change? Why is there no corporate information for “Turnkey Trainings”? Why are the ads for the Vancouver events different from the rest of the country? Could this be related to the news story written by Dan Fumano of the Vancouver Province in July, 2015?

New web pages for Kozlowski’s USA sessions seem to be using the new name – see http://www.turnkeytrainingsphoenix.com/ for example.The newspaper ads for the Vancover events though are in the name of “Turnkey Trainings”.  (Here is a MetroNews example) The ads contain no web address or company information for Turnkey Trainings. The ads have also appeared in the Vancouver edition of 24 Hours, on, for example, Nov. 5, 6 and 9, 2015. (View 24 Hours Vancouver online at http://eedition.vancouver.24hrs.ca/epaper/viewer.aspx ) The MetroNews and 24 Hours ads feature a photo of Warren Buffet – never a good sign when one is trying to determine the legitimacy of a promotion. The name of Richard Branson is sure to follow. Bill Gates will not doubt also get a mention somewhere.

The actual event though is the standard “At Will” seminar – presented by Lance Robinson. (Lance – is your name actually Jason Lance Robinson – the owner through a trust of 125 E Chandlerpoint Way in Draper, Utah.)  Are you the same “Jason Lance Robinson” who used to work with the another real estate seminar promoter named Armando Montelongo and one or more of his companies ARMANDO MONTELONGO WORLDWIDE, INC., ARMONADO MONTELONGO SEMINARS LLC, MONTELONGO CONSULTING, LLC, and MONTELONGO, INC.?

The twitter account for Lance Robinson is https://twitter.com/lancerobinson21, his blog is http://lancerobinsonblog.com

See this online commentary that mentions Mr. Robinson: http://askville.amazon.com/politician-Armando-Montelongo-make-fortune/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=40878774 – the description of the seminar is very similar to what is done at the Kozlowski/Robinson sessions.

The presentation and materials still reference the standard Kozlowski student testimonials from Steeve Raymond (Montreal), Diana Dicorato (Ottawa), and Brenda and Kirpal Bhopal (Toronto). It would be very good to have some first hand confirmation from these students as to their experience – and confirmation of where they actually live, given that the ads in different cities list different locations for Steeve and Diana.

The new “Turnkey Trainings” print ad features students Dawson Zhou and Shirley Chai of Burnaby, B.C, who bought 207 S Crow Road, Pensacola, FL. ( Deed, tax record, and sales history )  The video testimonial by Zhou and Chai is in English here (in Chinese here) on Facebook.

As usual, anyone attending should ask lots of questions. Is the “mystery millionaire” really a millionaire? (given the financial difficulties (tax liens and judgment), in regard to his Florida home?  Where does Lance Robinson live? Newport Beach or Draper Utah?  Can you give us the address of the property Lance apparently just bought in Temecula California? If Marco and Lance really do own thousands of properties can they please list just a few with actual addresses? What will the real cost be of joining the program beyond the $3,500 for the initial 3 day training weekend? Can all this really be done with “no risk” and “no financial outlay? If the often mentioned fund is making 200% a year is there some reason why Marco isn’t paying his taxes and paying off that loan on his home?

Marco Kozlowski’s seminar back in Vancouver presented by (Jason) Lance Robinson November 2015