CBC News story Kozlowski seminars

CBC News has just published ( Nov. 24, 2015) a story and video in regard to the Marco Kozlowski “At Will Events” “Get Rich in U.S. Real Estate” seminars.

See: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/marco-kozlowski-investor-seminars-testimonials-1.3325211

Anyone with “my dealings with Marco Kozlowski” stories – good or bad – may want to email the CBC. The email to use is investigate@cbc.ca  (The reporter is Natalie Clancy)

The article starts with the following text:

“Marco Kozlowski’s free real estate seminars promise big profits using testimonials from past participants, some of which were filmed before any money was actually made. 

Promotional testimonials from clients praising his methods are a key part of his marketing campaign, but CBC News has learned that at least four of the people featured in the testimonials have requested they no longer be used because they’re not accurate. “




CBC News story Kozlowski seminars

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