Marco Kozlowski back in the “Luxury Home” game

Marco Kozlowski is back in the “Luxury Home” seminar business. Below is the text of the email he has sent out (typos included.)  Note the reference to the “Platinum” and “Diamond” members…

Here is an excerpt from the  January 30, 2016 Montreal Gazette story :

In 2003, he says, he started giving seminars on how to flip luxury homes. He wanted to do it to help people who were struggling financially the way he was.

By 2005, he was charging upward of $5,000 for four-day seminars.

But he stopped doing that in 2010 because he says he didn’t feel he had mastered that segment of the market enough to be teaching others.

Around that time, he says he hit hard times again. In a recent webinar, he explains how he went through a nasty divorce. He says he came home one day and his house was empty, and millions of dollars were gone from his bank account.

“I basically was left penniless overnight,” he says. “I went from multimillionaire to completely broke.”

See the registration form and text at

The photo of the “Luxury Home” is of this house at 11521 Willow Ridge Dr
Zionsville, IN that was listed for sale.

Here is a direct to  link to the photo

How to flip luxury homes and make luxurious profits

US Property Network <>                13 February 2016


It’s Finally Here!

The Luxury Homes Flipping class.

Play with pennies, get pennies, play with millions, get…. milllllionnnnsssssss

Learn how to tie up millions in assets, for months and months, and make a mint doing it….

If you would like to learn how to tie up massive mansions with almost no cash ($100) and sell it a few weeks later for 5, 6 or even possibly a 7 figure cheque….

Don’t miss this class!!

This is a more advanced class, and does take a bit of “savoir faire” with higher end sellers – that can change whats in your bank account…

The profits are huge, the methods are uber creative and you can even make money not…selling…the houses…..

This is NOT not a typo…

– Learn to use options to tie up property at massive discounts

– Have 90-120 days to sell them

– Learn to tie in your favorite charities to these events to gain massive exposure and hears of people at your properties (yes, give back more)

– Have sponsors lined up wanting to give you things to help stage your properties

– have people fighting over themselves to make offers on your property

– Learn to make money on a deal, no matter what happens..

Too many bullets to explain in one email 🙂

This is the slickest, most advanced system ever put together (i did this for years) and haven’t taught it in YEARS…

No one on the planet teaches this, other than me – you will be blown away –  it’s content rich  – and will help you in your existing business.

This is open to 100 people only – that’s it.

That’s all.

No exceptions.

Once it’s full – it’s FULL.

The dates are Tuesday and Wednesday March 8th and 9th 2016 (its during the week, but its worth it) in Toronto

2 days will change the way you look at deals forever  – guaranteed.

It’s free for all Diamond and Platinum members, and 5K for anyone else

(One guest permitted, but must be approved before bringing as space is extremely limited)

Click here to enroll

Once the 100 spots are gone, you can’t bribe your way in  – no matter what you offer us (ask me why I know that).

See you in class!!

PS – I actually sold a deal LIVE in one of my past classes, and made over 300K in front of everyone – you won’t believe it – until you see it!

8605 Santa Monica Blvd #85071 Los Angeles, California 90069 United States +13237615022  [link added to the address – “Earth Class Mail” is a mail drop/forwarding service]

Marco Kozlowski back in the “Luxury Home” game

One thought on “Marco Kozlowski back in the “Luxury Home” game

  1. Peter says:

    My name is Peter, In December 2015 I signed up to Marco Kozlowski’s seminars that was marketed in Sydney Australia. I paid $20,000 USD. Since paying, they have avoided my emails, not returned phone calls, moved offices, and closed down email accounts. The people involved in the seminar include:
    Marco Kozlowski
    Bob Bluhme (via a skype call from Texas)
    Josh Ziglowski
    Katie Pederman
    Shaun Watkins (the person who moderated the course) owner of Ninja Properties in Utah
    Damon (not sure of his surname)


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