Marco Kozlowski is a “Connected Investor”

Turns out Marco could use some of your money…


Kembo Trust

My name is marco kozlowski. I am primarily a Single Family investor based out of the Maitland, FL area. I am looking to connect with Funding. Make sure to Friend me and Like my Connected Investors profile.

“Kembo Trust” is a business name he has used for some time.

Read more about “Kembo” in this blog post:

a brief excerpt..

“Ironically, shortly after Kozlowski renegged on his promises and threatened to sue me for extortion and blackmail (!!!!!!!!!!!), the tenants that Kozlowski put into my property called me as they wanted to reach out and clarify many facts for me. Kozlowski “purchased” by home under Kembo Family Trust but the tenants were “purchasing” my home under Kozlowski’s other trust, “Firma Investments”. I am sure the IRS would be interested in why the need to shuffle my property internally within his family of trusts?”




Marco Kozlowski is a “Connected Investor”

4 thoughts on “Marco Kozlowski is a “Connected Investor”

  1. A.G. says:

    Kembo is simply the initials of his ex wife and his 4 kids. His picture with Richard Branson was taken from Business2012 networking convention, fans had to line up and pay to get a picture with Branson. Kozlowski then falsely marketed Branson as a ‘business associate”. Kozlowski is a predator and a sociopath. He has suits filed against him in several states and in Canada. His ‘executive assistants’ don’t even use their real names. He is a broke loser in Ed Hardy clothes, and he surrounds himself with other broke losers with no credit and massive debt. They all perpetuate the lie of vast wealth all the while driving rental cars, squatting in houses they don’t own and hiding from their creditors and process servers. The Marco ‘sales team’ are nothing more than greasy salesmen with one goal: coerce, manipulate, scam and steal. Living a lie and stealing from the vulnerable robs you from peaceful sleep at night and Marco’s scams have had a chaotic affect of his kids. They have been brought up in financial insecurity, bankruptcy, anxiety and fear through out their lives. The kids are also victims of their father’s sociopathic lying, his whole family is a mess. His sons have been expelled from school, his youngest is especially hostile and aggressive, he bankrupted his ex wife and ruined her credit. His parents know he is stealing from the vulnerable and the naïve. They turn a blind eye to his scam artistry and feign ignorance. His lies and theft will catch up to him. He has caused irreparable harm to many honest and hard working victims. He can’t always stay on the run, the IRS, process servers and creditors will catch up to him. His justice will be his karma.


  2. John K Thompson says:

    I’ve observed the same things. I’ve had the same experiences and wish I had never met him. I will see him in San Diego Superior Court on Oct 6th of 2107. All are welcome.


  3. Sammy says:

    He is a fraud and that has been frauding is still frauding his students. If you need more proof of his fraudulent activities contact me if they can benefit you in your case. CBC is already after him.


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