“The get rich quick merchant who is trying to flog American homes to the British”

Marco Kozlowski has been giving programs in England for some time.

This story appeared March 2, 2016 in the Mirror – a major UK newspaper


From the story by Andrew Penman:

“Things I never thought I’d admit: the peddler of a get rich quick scheme has said something worth hearing.

Only one thing, mind you, and I’ll come to it in a moment.

First, let’s get to know Marco Kozlowski, a Canadian who’s been selling to British audiences his guide on how to make a mint from American homes .

He told a London seminar that under his guidance you can pick up houses at knock-down prices, promising “30% off real value of all properties that we’re going to invest in”.

This is because he focuses on properties that the owners want to sell quickly, usually because of what he cheerily calls the Five D Formula – “death, divorce, debt, displacement and disease”.

“What’s more, he can arrange 100% finance, meaning you invest “zero money out of your pocket”.

Except that’s not quite true because your next step is to pay for one of Kozlowski’s three-day US Property Success courses that cost $7,000, or about £5,000…. and that’s just the start.

Some disillusioned clients have discovered that at that course you’re pushed to invest much more. A ‘platinum’ programme will set you back £43,000 and ‘diamond’ is £71,000.

But why is Kozlowski flogging this in Britain at all? After all, it can’t be easy persuading people to buy houses on the other side of the Atlantic.

The answer might be that he’s been burnt in Canada.

Like most get rich quick merchants, Kozlowski likes to associate himself with genuine business giants.”

” The Montreal Gazette also ran a damning article with allegations including:

  • Critical online comments were deleted.
  • Requests by the watchdog Better Business Bureau to substantiate advertising claims were ignored and now the Federal Trade Commission is investigating.
  • Testimonials were misleading because they were made by new recruits who had not yet completed any property deals.

I’ve asked Kozlowski to respond but he has not replied. However, he has sent an email to people who attended that London sales pitch telling them he’s just “scooped up” more than 100 properties in the States, saying “there is an opportunity for you to cash in BIG”.

“If you aren’t getting 10%-12% passively on your money year in, year out, this is going to excite you just a little bit…. Well…. More like a lot…” the email continued.

So, back to that London talk and the one thing worth repeating: “Anyone who tells you that you can get rich quick is lying”.

You said it, mate.”

Perhaps Andrew can connect the dots linking Marco’s programs to the “Trump University” seminars – as the “playbook” used by Marco is clearly derivative from the Trump system. (just Google “Trump University Scandal Playbook” – more later..)

(Here is a link to a copy of one version of the “Trump University Playbook” The properties of this document suggest it was created by Rachel De Dora (Linkedin Profile Here) who, according to her profile,  worked for the Trump Organization from December 2009 – March 2010 )


“The get rich quick merchant who is trying to flog American homes to the British”

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