“My right hand man, my good friend, my mentor Mark Chapman”

[ Update – The Chapman property did sell at the Foreclosure auction to the “Plaintiff”. So Marco did not bail out his “good friend” and “right hand man”]

Marco Kozlowski has introduced Mark A. Chapman in this way:

“My right hand man, my good friend my mentor, Mark Chapman” “He really knows his stuff”

Chapman is one of the presenters used by Marco Kozlowski at his At Will Education / At Will Events hotel recruitment seminars. He claims to have worked for the Chase Manhattan Bank and, in some fashion, for Donald Trump and the Trump Organization.

[ Update June 19, 2016. It turns out that “Mark A. Chapman” very likely did work for Trump University. From one of the exhibits in the Trump University litigation: 

"02/28/2009 Mark A. Chapman's TU employment questionnaire"

see https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/2723912/Trump-University-lawsuit-exhibit-list.txt   This document also mentions David Early – who has been very connected to Marco Kozlowski]

Chapman has called Marco his “new best friend and business partner”

He is Mark A. Chapman of Florida. His home has been in foreclosure for some time.

Chapman HouseA final order of foreclosure has now been made.

The property will be sold by auction March 22, 2016. Details are on the Orange County Florida Court site. See the entry for “322 KENTUCKY BLUE CIR”

You might pickup a bargain that day… ( Heh Marco – Mr. Chapman said you

Mark Chapman and Marco Kozlowski
At Will Events seminar banner

are a “multi-multi-millionaire”. Perhaps you could spare some change and bail out your friend. All you need is $942.799.84. )

This is of course very similar to media coverage of “Trump University”, and the reports that some of the Trump University presenters were in deep financial trouble – hardly the successful investors they claimed to be.

See, for example, this Salon article.

From that article:

“Trump brings to his candidacy an extensive backlog of business ventures, some of which are troubling. In August, 2013, New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the he was filing a lawsuit against Trump for the dubious promises of his higher education endeavor, Trump University. Schneiderman’s lawsuit alleged that the school’s real estate program, which was unlicensed as an actual university, was complicit in “persistent fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct” towards its students, who were often saddled with debt from expensive seminars in lieu of brimming with the promised insider secrets from “Donald Trump’s handpicked instructor[s],” most of whom turned out to have emerged from real estate-derived bankruptcy, or have little background in real estate at all.”

More on the Trump University  scandal:


The description of the “Trump University” program and experience of the students sounds remarkably similiar to the news stories about Marco Kozlowski and his programs.




“My right hand man, my good friend, my mentor Mark Chapman”

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