Marco Kozlowski back in Toronto June 8-12, 2016

The Marco Kozlowski / At Will Events / At Will Education  / U.S. Property Success  / Wealth in USA seminar events are back in Toronto this week. Yet another new name for the same old con.

The new name is “Wealth in USA”, the domain is  No mention of Marco Kozlowski now that he cannot fully control Google search results.

The name “Stefan Harlan” (… ) is used in promotional materials and communications. ( See ” ” (Very cute …@wilevents…avoids the old “atwillevents” name..The address for At Will Events is 765 East 340 South, American Fork, UT)

This is on the heels of the firestorm of controversy surrounding the disclosure of the Trump University documents (there are thousands of stories now) and the warning by the Canadian Competition Bureau.

(This amazing blog post tells a story about the links of Trump University to older seminar scam organizations.)

Beware: These hotel events are the setup for the usual up-sell and sting.  If you want to know what will go on just read the Trump University Playbook (2010 version) and the various documents posted on this web site.

Read the BBB warnings (Update 19 June 2016: the original BBB page linked here is now deleted – “404” , see this saved version of the page) about similar seminars from SuccessPath and others. Read the Gazette and CBC stories on these programs.

Here is a screen grab from the site:

Screen Capture of dates in TO

Here is the address of “Wealth in USA” and a Google street view of the fabulous offices…

contact address


5764 N Orange Blossom Trail Orlando




Marco Kozlowski back in Toronto June 8-12, 2016

3 thoughts on “Marco Kozlowski back in Toronto June 8-12, 2016

  1. Joe says:

    The address is no longer 765 East 340 South, American Fork, UT. They have moved, and the only people I can call are Christy Roberts.


  2. Devon says:

    Marco had taken my house in a contract for deed (he never registered the deed as he would have had to pay the mortgage balance). He put bad tenants in my home and then he was unable to evict them due to not being the legal owner. They eventually left, leaving $30K worth of damages and theft to my home. He did not pay the taxes, insurance and HOA fees and a tax lien was being put on my home. He then stopped paying the mortgage. He ran away to Canada. Meanwhile, he then had his bank reverse payments on my mortgage and I was unaware of this. My mortgage went into delinquency. Result, my credit scored dropped from 800 down to less than 600 overnight. I have spent 8 months trying to resolve this issue with Ocwen to no avail. We are now having to sue Ocwen and incur massive legal costs. My attorneys are also interested in a class action suit against Kozlowski. Meanwhile, with no credit – try renting a new home, or leasing a vehicle or pretty much anything else. All of a sudden – everything is denied as I am now branded as somebody who does not pay bills. Security for connection of utilities is tripled, credit card companies lower all available credit lines, and now my home is being foreclosed upon. I continue to send in my mortgage payments each month, but Ocwen refuse to accept them and continue to make my life unbearable. Then we had flooding in the house and there is now mold and water damage. There is a tenant in the home who desperately needs the repairs carried out as it is a health hazard. The repairs will cost almost $8000. I paid the $1000 deductible for the insurance and Ocwen had to endorse the check, and they refuse to do so as they want to hold the monies against this “delinquency”.. so, for somebody who professes to leave people in a better place then when he found them .. really? I was doing great .. credit score of 800, money in the bank, home that I had paid for, for ten years which I believed I had “sold” in order to find balance in my life .. the result, my life is completely destroyed because of Marco Kozlowski. No wonder he is always on the road – it makes it very hard to serve him papers if he does not stand still long enough for anybody to track him down. He is a disgusting low life that has ruined many, many people’s lives – this can be verified by simply reading all of the consumer complaints. I hope this all catches up with him – and in the meantime, his secret formula is such basic information that I will share it all for free on the internet.


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