Doonsbury does Trump University – June 2005

It turns out there was a series of Doonsbury cartoons lampooning Trump University in 2005. Who know that both Trump University and it’s spawn would be so prominently in the news 11 years later?

(This excellent post dissects the con – “How Trump University Relied Heavily On The Craft Of Con Men –  – that Doonsbury mocks)


June 6, 2005:

June 7, 2005:

June 8, 2005:

June 9, 2005:

June 10, 2005: 

June 11, 2005: 


Doonsbury does Trump University – June 2005

2 thoughts on “Doonsbury does Trump University – June 2005

  1. genesisglobalintl says:

    Marco Kozlowski destroyed my life.

    Not only did he take my house under a “contract for deed”, he then refused to register this deed in court as he would have had to pay the mortgage, which would have been due upon transfer of title. So, he left my name on the title and therefore left me on the hook for all of the nightmares to follow.

    First, he put deadbeat tenants in my home who proceeded to incur $30K of damages/theft. He had not paid the taxes, the home insurance and the HOA fees and the first time I was even aware of this was when I was informed that there were bankrupt tenants in my home (by their bankruptcy attorney who has to notify landlord), and then getting a notice that a tax lien was being put on my home.

    I tried to track down Kozlowski, but he behind David Early, and his attorney wife, Tara Early (Lawyer at Stanton & Gasdick, PA) at At Will Events- a temporary office rental.

    Kozlowski continued to hide behind a series of attorneys when I contacted him, telling them to sue me for defamation, slander etc. I think he even used the word “blackmail” in his threats?! Surprisingly, none of his attorney’s followed through with any case against me.

    I went in to try and salvage the damage and clean up my home – I changed the locks and began repairs on my home. He created trouble with the HOA and tried to have them prevent me from entering the community, even having the audacity to present his contract to the HOA stating he “owned” the home! I presented the HOA with the full story, the fact the deed was never recorded, the fact that he had not paid taxes and insurance. It created an enormous amount of stress and wasted time/money for both myself, security guards, Haines City Police Department and the HOA directors.

    Kozlowski repeatedly broke my locks and took a crow bar to the front door – no, I lie – he had a person (financial person he worked with – I believe his name was mentioned in some of these events – perhaps another temporary cohort?), drive through the gates in a Lexus (which was on incorrect license plates, as the police informed us – the plates belonged to a Mercedes Benz), and had this crony continually try to break into my home. We had to maintain constant contact with the HOA, guards and police to patrol the home to prevent it from further break in and damage by the Kozlowski crooks. The landscapers and pool service people still have thousands of dollars owing to them as they carried out the work each week and Kozlowski promised to pay them, and never did. They, at least, offered to monitor my home as they worked on other properties in the community. They also warned all other homeowners not to be scammed by Kozlowski into risking their homes.

    Kozlowski’s checks to the mortgage company kept bouncing, so I picked up the mortgage payments and decided to sell the house. Then, Kozlowski ordered his bank to refund his monies from 7 months earlier that he had made to the mortgage company (even though he was supposed to be getting rent monies from his delinquent tenants during this same time). The monies were taken from Ocwen and returned to Harris Bank (the bank Kozlowski uses). Nobody notified me that any monies were taken or refunded from my mortgage. Ocwen assumed I had ordered MY bank to refund the monies, somehow. Overnight, my mortgage was announced delinquent via thousands of dollars.

    I was reported to the credit agencies for serious delinquency, dropping my credit score from 800 down to 600 over night. It took 7 months and involved the State Attorney General and Better Business Bureau to determine where the monies had disappeared to (Harris Bank). The first seven months, I was continually redirected to India where the staff have inadequate training and knowledge to deal with fraud. It was only once I hired a high profile attorney and pulled in the State Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau, did I start to get the smallest responses from Ocwen.

    In addition, my credit is now permanently ruined, the home is being foreclosed upon and everything that was easy and “normal” in my life is now totally destroyed. I have continued to send in mortgage payments every month, but Ocwen refused to accept it unless I pay the entire delinquent amount of $12,000!!!! So, they keep returning my monthly mortgage payments and then reporting me as delinquent and threatening to foreclose upon me.

    Try renting a home, getting utilities connected, renewing a lease on your car when the credit agencies states you are a 600 score (and dropping). I have never missed a payment in the ten years of owning this home, I just don’t understand how Kozlowski can demand that the mortgage company refund thousands and thousands of dollars into his personal account 7 months AFTER the mortgage monies had already been paid. And that we will determine in a court of law.

    The stress and financial damage caused has been insufferable. Kozlowski preaches that he leaves people better than he finds them — -WRONG! Read all of the links on this page which prove this idiot is out to steal from people, destroy their lives and get rich on their loss. He is a despicable man and always on the run. You may think he is traveling around the world in order to “spread the word” about his so called “unique and proprietary” formula – I would imagine it is more along the along the lines of “trying serving him papers when you cannot track him down long enough”.

    He is reckless, stupid, thoughtless and selfish. He totaled his car after he drove into another vehicle because he was busy texting and driving. He laughed it off and said he would just get another car – what about the woman he rear-ended? Her medical bills, her trauma and how this may have affected her life and that of her family. I have personally seen him cry (almost daily) stating that he does not know what he is doing and is overwhelmed . He wants to be a household name, a huge celebrity. He approached every network and they all came back with the same thing “He is awful”, “He is creepy”, “We don’t like him – even if we were to create a show about this, it would need a different front man”. The networks would not touch him.

    There is no secret to his formula – he has people scour Craigslist (the last pages pn Craigslist, where people have listed their homes for a long time and may be getting desperate for a sale). He is looking for death, divorce, disasters, dire circumstances .. basically he is looking to profit from other people’s suffering.

    Next, he gets people to make a series of text, calls or emails – having them follow his script. “Is your home still for sale?” Next one “Great – when is a good time that I can call you?”. He then gets the person to call and find out the four W’s (Who, What, Why, When). If the numbers look good, he gets them to read off the script that they have a bunch of investors who are buying heavily right now and when is a good time for the investor to call. The investor is Marco. He pretends he has a network of investors – no he does not. Not ONE! I could go on ….I have his entire formula and there is no rocket science to it at all.

    He basically gets people to sign over their homes to him (for $0 – just hand over the keys and walk away) and makes them promises. He asks them to leave “goodies” such as furniture, boats, artwork, cars etc to be included with the “sale” and this, he keeps for himself or sells. He then promises to pay off the mortgage within 12 months latest, smugly stating this is a win-win for everybody.

    He puts tenants in the home and promises to pay the mortgage, insurance and taxes in the meantime. He then puts deadbeats in the home – he makes them pay a huge deposit on a “rent to own” scheme, and when they default, he keeps the deposit and takes off – good luck trying to evict these people when there is no contract between you (the legal home owner) and the tenants Kozlowski put in the house. This is a double-edged sword, because the tenants are left sucker punched. There is no longer any “rent to own” contract, they lost their deposit and their home. Good luck if Kozlowski actually pays the mortgage, insurance and taxes.

    Result – Kozlowski gets all the money from the rent, from the “goodies”, from the hefty deposit paid by the “bad credit “tenants and leaves you with the house delinquent, your credit ruined, a tax lien, an HOA lien, more than likely a contractors lien from unpaid service providers and when the insurance is not paid, any idea of how much the mortgage company’s imposed mortgage is?

    Then, to add insult to injury – the house which I was unable to sell, I rented out. It ended up getting flooded by the current tenant. The damages were in excess of $7500. I paid the $1000 deductible and had to get Ocwen to co-endorse the insurance check of $6500 to pay for the damages to the house. Ocwen refused to endorse and return the check, but rather, they would hold it against the “delinquent” funds. How does one even begin to dig themselves out of this whole that was created entirely by Kozlowski? Without the insurance money, the house cannot be repaired, cannot be rented out, cannot be sold.

    It burns me to see Kozlowski jet-setting over Australia (where there are many Australians who were screwed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can be referenced by searching any of the consumer complaint forums), he runs to England but I think the Brits are leary as he did not seem successful there, he runs to Canada but gets persecuted by the press (good!!!!) … he runs back to the USA but is in a different state per day, trying to make himself out to be a media celebrity. For sure, he cannot want to go back to his home in Orlando which also has a tax lien on it. Now, he lives like a superstar, taking his daughter for a private tour of the Coliseum in Rome, if you please!

    Meanwhile, I am working 3 jobs, about to lose my home after 10 years of ownership without a problem until Kozlowski preyed upon me, and after spending 20 years building my credit, it is destroyed overnight. I simply was going through a divorce, wanted freedom in my life and wanted to get rid of my home. I was willing to walk away with zero, I just did not want to deal with the stress of ownership any longer. Hindsight is 20-20.

    Ocwen writes the following “Mr. Kozlowski was not making valid payments to Ocwen. As a result, the account became delinquent. Ocwen is not responsible for any relationship you had with Mr. Kozlowski. While it is unfortunate that Mr. Kozlowski was not above board with you, we cannot retrieve any payments that were returned to Mr. Kozlowski’s financial institution”.

    And this man has the audacity to charge people tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, for his formula? If you pay this man money and follow his system, I hope you sleep well at night knowing the negative impact you will have on innocent families who may just be in a bad situation due to medical bills, divorce, death or any other unexpected, but catastrophic event, in their lives. If he was above board and purchased the homes outright, paying off the mortgage, removing the homeowner from the title and buying the home for a majorly discounted price, I would not have an issue. But to prey on people, make promises and subsequently leave people a million times worse than where they were before he clumsily, and greedily, barged in, all I can hope is that karma is hot on his heels.

    He already was left penniless and homeless once (or so he loves to say – cue the violins!) when his ex-wife took him to the cleaners and emptied out his bank account. No doubt, just another fairy tale that he spins along with the fact that he cares, he is in the “helping people” business, and that he is a “guru”.

    Oh, and the picture Kozlowski has with Richard Branson which he uses in his ads – Sir Richard Branson does not remember him and also clearly stated he does not want to be associated with Kozlowski. Maybe that is why the Brits were already resistant to the Kozlowski train heading into Old Blighty?

    Be afraid people … be very, very afraid!

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