U.S. Property Success / Kozlowski in Edmonton and Calgary Feb. 2016

Ads in the Edmonton Journal February 5 & 6, 2016 promote hotel free events Feb. 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.  Yet again, the ads set the bait for this scheme. (Note these ads are also appearing in the Calgary Herald)

The ads, as usual, contain the misleading quote from “Warren Buffet” (sic). The text references a photo that is not longer appearing in the ads. It seems like no one at the newspapers, the Canadian Competition Bureau, or at Ad Standards Canada is reading these ads carefully. Will these parties contribute to a fund to compensate consumers who lose significant money?

Edmonton Journal 2015 Feb 05 Page CaptureA

The details of the purchase by the “Vancouver Couple” are set out in an earlier post on this blog.

As usual, watch out, do your homework. Read about how these “seminar schemes” work so you are prepared. The ad does not mention a web site. What’s with that? You will want to Google the various parties involved. Read the Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Province, and CBC news stories.


Detail - missing picture

U.S. Property Success / Kozlowski in Edmonton and Calgary Feb. 2016

Montreal Gazette runs ad and 2 page story on Marco Kozlowski

Those attending the 3 day training currently being held this weekend in Toronto will want to read this story published today.

The January 30, 2016 edition of the Montreal Gazette has an extensive story on Marco Kozlowski and his “get rich” seminars on pages A12 and A13

A facsimile print edition can be obtained via http://www.pressreader.com.

This link is to the front page: http://pressreader.com/bookmark/DA3NTMUNE2P1/PageView

“Marco Kozlowski runs seminars that claim to teach people how to make money buying houses in the U.S., but the Better Business Bureau is investigating him for his advertising claims.”

This link is to the online version of the story:


What is truly remarkable is placement of the story in the print edition. The story is on pages A12 and A13. Page A11 is a full page ad for Marco’s next seminars in Montreal, to be held February 5, 6, and 7.  

The ad: http://pressreader.com/bookmark/UPKBG0FHADZ4/PageView 

Gazette pages A11 & 12 2016 Jan 30

The story details the “bait and switch” aspect of the program – on the page after the Gazette ad sets the bait for the next school of hungry fish. Interesting details in the story set out how the “sting” works – how on the 3rd day of the program students with available money or credit are given the “upsell” – to as much as $100,000. Students attending the Toronto training will get to see this hustle in person tomorrow.


Montreal Gazette runs ad and 2 page story on Marco Kozlowski